Strings in Dart

The Dart programming language has many handy string manipulation features, which are commonly used and essential to most applications. Sometimes you may want to use the string length value directly within a string value, which can be done using curly brackets after the dollar sign. If you wanted double quotation marks around the word “orange” […]

Variables in Dart

Using our previous example that prints out some text to the output console, lets now create a variable to store the text, so we can re-use it. The above should print out two instances of the text “Hello World”, instead of just one. Instead of having the full longer text duplicating for each print() statement, […]

“Hello World” in Dart

As tradition has it, this is how you simply print out the text “Hello World” to the output console in Dart: There is a main() function, which is where every Dart program start executing your code. main() is where your application starts. the curly brackets { } indicate what code is part of the main […]