GTmetrix Performance Report

(For homepage.)

Performance Scores:
 – PageSpeed Score = A (99%)
 – YSlow Score = A (97%)

Page Details
 – Fully Loaded Time = 0.8s
 – Total Page Size = 32.8KB
 – Requests = 9

Lowest scores are for inline small JavaScript and query strings for static resources.  Also, doesn’t appear that CSS or JavaScript is being completely minified yet.

Test server region: Vancouver, Canada
Using: Chrome (Desktop) 62.0.3202.94, PageSpeed 1.15-gt1, YSlow 3.1.8

Report generated:Wed, Dec 12, 2018, 10:23 PM -0800

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  1. Awesome how fast the dart coding website is, thanks for the interesting info, can you tell me how you got WordPress to be so fast?

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